Xceed Foodservice Group

Xceed Foodservice Group (“Xceed”) was created to invest in and partner with leading regional independent brokerage companies focused exclusively on the foodservice ecosystem. Through its partner brokerages, Xceed provides sales and marketing services to food suppliers seeking to grow their business in the complex and localized networks of the foodservice space.

Xceed was initially formed through partnership with Sales Concepts, Inc. and Donovan Food Brokerage, Inc., both high-performing brokerage companies in their respective territories. The owners and operators of both companies will lead the Xceed platform, which will continue to partner with additional best-in-class regional foodservice brokerages in complementary markets.

Xceed offers a super-regional brokerage offering to its clients and will continue to broaden its geographical coverage. Each of Xceed’s partner brokerages will retain its existing name, management team and personnel and will operate autonomously in its regional market. Partner brokerages will continue to deliver the localized market knowledge, access and customer engagement that are critical to sustained growth in the foodservice space and will benefit from the sharing of resources, best practices and access to new markets enabled by the Xceed platform.

For more information, please contact info@xceedfoodservice.com.

Partner Brokerages

Donovan Food Brokerage Sales Concept Select Foodservice Marketing Culinary Resources